National Cheeseball Day 17th April | 17th April Special Day

National Cheeseball Day 17th April | 17th April Special Day
  • April 17th kicks off National Cheeseball Day, recognizes a party food that can sometimes be the centerpiece of a spread. You can choose from two ways to celebrate, too! Or plan your party and serve both!
    A cheese spread comes in the shape of a ball served with crackers, most often around Christmas in the U.S. This cheeseball is commonly made with softened cream cheese and other ingredients.
    Cheese puffs are a puffed corn snack coated with a mixture of cheese or cheese flavored powders. Cheese puffs are manufactured by extruding heated corn dough through a die that forms the particular shape, most likely a ball shape.
    No matter which one you celebrate, both make for terrific snacking.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCheeseballDay

    This is a day with choices, so how can you go wrong? Pick your favorite and share a snack with someone. Make up your favorite cheeseball recipe or snack on the cheese puff variety. The choice is yours! If you’re looking for a recipe, we’ve found one for you to try, too. Be sure to share your favorite recipes. There’re so many to choose from, too!