National Look alike Day 20 April | 20 April Special Day

National Look alike Day 20 April | 20 April Special Day
  • National Look Alike Day is celebrated on April 20 every year. On this day, you can dress up as your favourite celebrity and post a picture on social media. People who have not heard about National Look Alike Day might be wondering what is it all about. Hence, take a look at some more details about what is National Look Alike Day and why is it celebrated each year.

    What is National Look Alike Day and how to celebrate?

    Has someone ever told you that you look like another person? If yes, April 20 is the day you can post a photo on social media with that person. Celebrate the day by dressing up like your doppelganger. This person can be a celebrity or anybody who looks like you. You can post images on social media with the hashtag National Look Alike Day 2020. You can try to mimic them and also post a video on social media. If you have a twin who looks like you then April 20 is the day you can celebrate National Look Alike Day 2020 with perfection. Post a picture on social media with them and keep people guessing. Take a look at an example below.

    Why is National Look Alike Day Celebrated?

    According to several publications, the day is celebrated because of the interesting history behind it. The day was created by a television reporter, Jack Etzel, in the 1980s. He was once hanging out with his friend Rick Minutello. Jack Etzel's friend Rick Minutello saw a person who looked like late Humphrey Bogart. Jack Etzel took his interview and featured him in his news as a doppelganger of Humphrey Bogart. The next day, Etzel got in touch with the Chase Calendar of Events people and proclaimed Look Alike Day so that they could depend on that same funny story for the next ten years.